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About Us

Who Am I?

 I am a Son, I am a Brother, I am a Friend, and I am the CEO of Openeye Production LLC. I am Curtis Lamar Jones Jr.

Openeye began in Summer of 2017 when I was doodling in the mess hall. While I was randomly drawing, the vision of openeye popped in my head. It wasn't the drawing I present to you today, and at the time I didn't realize what it would become. After dealing with depression a few years later, I discovered I didn't love and understand my true self. No one wants to look in the mirror to simply ask, "Who am I?". One day as I was spring cleaning, I found my old drawing notebook. Once I saw the drawing again, I realized it's purpose, who it could help, and that I'm not alone in the process of understanding oneself.


Openeye Mission Statement

The purpose of Openeye is to help people understand themselves and others who have a different walk of life through clothing. We believe there are common threads that stitch each of us together which represent the fabric of Openeye’s core values: Love, Respect, and Understanding. Every design and idea are birthed from this core, and we are committed to this journey called life.

Our Core Values


We believe a lack of love creates disconnection between one another.
We will show love to our Openeye Community
by helping them get proper resources needed.


We believe a lack of respect is one of the main reasons
there is chaos in this world. We respect our Openeye Community
identity, race, spirituality, sexual orientation, and point of view.


We believe a lack of understanding of oneself leads to tunnel vision thinking.
We're committed to helping our community learn
why it's valuable to understand one another.